Success story:

in the field of «TRANSPORT»

With our Client, a multinational and industry leader, we created a dashboard for the management of the plant process scheduling. We created, trained and coached an ad hoc scheduler for planning and scheduling all the factory processing activities for the efficient use of resources

in the «AUTOMOTIVE» sector

With our Client, a multinational corporation, we defined and engineered specific algorithms of maintenance predictive, for a specific processing area, with the aim of detect failures and drops in performance of the machinery, based on historical and real-time acquired data

in the «PACKAGING» sector

With our Client, a leading multinational company in the industry, we developed a project of exploratory analysis of the quality data of their products, investigating similarities and differences based on plant and year of production

in the «FOOD» sector

With our Client, an Italian manufacturer of a multinational Group, we shared and conducted an exploratory data analysis project (Principal Component Analysis) from different production stations with the aim of enabling specific activities of multivariate statistical analysis based on the use of spectroscopic technologies.
In addition, the development of an ad hoc dashboard will enable the monitoring constant of the production process, the real-time management of the process variables, as well as customized use at different levels operations through specific user profiling.